Battlefield Bargo Event Information


Where is Battlefield Bargo?

Battlefield Bargo is held in the Bargo Sportsground Community Hall, Radnor Road Bargo every fourth Saturday . Bargo is the gateway to the Southern Highlands, approximately 1hr and 15 mins South of the heart of Sydney via the M5 Motorway and F5 Freeway. For more specific directions once you reach the Bargo Exit on the F5 visit this link Directions

Items Supplied at Battlefield Bargo.

Two power outlets per player, network cabling, table space and a chair. A 12 hour period in which to kill as many of the enemy as possible, midday to midnight. There are only 50 places avaliable at the moment, so if you want to play reserve your spot when the regos open, generally two weeks before each LAN. Dedicated game servers run during the entire event.

Lunch, Dinner, drinks and some nibblies are availiable for purchase from the Battlefield Bargo Mess. Battlefield Bargo is the only known LAN in NSW, or maybe even Australia, to be fully catered for by our dedicated kitchen staff. Dinner Menus are emailed out to members generally one week before each LAN or it can be viewed here for those of you with difficulty recieving emails from the site. Orders are placed via email to allow catering organisation. Lunch and Dinner orders will soon be incorporated into the Event Registration process to help streamline our catering requirements. So once you've settled down for some serious gaming and feel the need for some nibblies, there is no need to leave the venue for food unless you want to, the BFB Mess is no more than 15m from your seat. View Seating Layout

Items Supplied by You.

Your computer, including headphones and mouse pad, without these items you will have a hard time playing. A small supply of basic keyboards and mice are avaliable for purchase if you have forgotten yours at reasonable prices. A $15 entry fee, this money is to cover the hire costs of the Hall and help fund network upgrades. A good sense of humour, without this your night might not be enjoyable, especially if you play as bad as I do.

Battlefield Bargo History.

Battlefield Bargo began with a group of five players that came together in April 2003 for a game night, those players being Omega, unteroffizier_bnew, Ginji, Zanova and Vyacheslav Chevchenko. Battlefield Bargo has always been a husband and wife run venue, no other known LAN venue in NSW can claim this, another first for a quiet town on the edge of the Southern Highlands. From these humble beginnings attendance has grown over the years and now there are over 100 registered players, many whom attend regularly. From 2003 to the end of 2006 BFB was held every 3 weeks until it was decided to start the current 4 week roster starting January 2007. Games that made an impact during this time have been Medal of Honor Series, Call of Duty Series and UT2004 held our attention for a long period there, during 2006 F.E.A.R. Combat and V8 Supercars 3 seem to be the games of choice. But with the release of Call of Duty 4, at the end of 2007, the other games have fallen by the wayside for now. We have even been known to play some games of Tiger Woods 2008 when things were winding down towards the end of the evening.

To all the players that make the effort to attend our nights, we thank you for your company and sportsmanship. And to those players yet to attend remember,

"You'll fall at the home of Omega".