Mess Menu for 22nd February 2014.

Lunch Items

BLT $4.00

Egg and Bacon Roll $4.00

Hot Dog $3.00

Vegan Burger $4.00

Dinner Items

Nachos and a Soft Drink $10.00

Vegan Nachos and a Soft Drink $10.00

All Day Breakfast - Pancankes with Egg, Bacon,Mushroom and Tomatoes with a Soft Drink $10.00


Variety of Soft Drink cans - All $1.50

Bottled Water $1.50

Energy Drinks:

V, Mother, etc 500ml $3.50


Chocolates - Small $2.00

M&M's, Skittles, Pods $4.00

Tim Tams, Chips and Shapes Variety $3.00

Pringles $4.00

Variety subject to change.

The Kitchen will be open periodically during the year when Lee's shifts allow.