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Regos are open for the 23nd September LAN, but remember this one is a 4pm start since Mohawk, Cleaner, Coke Addict, Myself and maybe Pheonix will be at Zach's school running the V8 Supercar stall like we did last year. Any member that feels like coming down to give us a hand is more than welcome. The fete is running from 9am to 2pm. After the fantastic turn out last Saturday now is the time to encourage those members that missed this one to attend the next one. See you all on the "Battlefield Bargo"
You'll fall at the home of Omega. I'm still looking for volunteers willing to do a write up of each LAN which will be placed on this website.



2nd September 2006
That my fiends was the BEST LAN for death and destruction, F.E.A.R. Combat and Flat Out 2 were the highlights with a little V8 Supercars thrown in for good measure. The Highland Warriors pinched back the family jewels from The Lords of the Punani 2-0, but don't let the scores fool you, the fighting was extremely intense in the 8 vs 8 team battle, partly due to some of Mohawk's suicide missions that caught the Punani napping. Then it was onto Flat Out 2, hasn't this game improved, the demolition derbies were outrageous with no clear winner emerging, more exploration of the various levels in this game need to be accessed to improve game selection. A word of caution to all members, please remember to bring all keys necessary to enable you to return home, so i don't have to grind off another Club Lock at 1am, sorry Dazza but it's a funny story. See you all on the "Battlefield Bargo"
You'll fall at the home of Omega.



12th August 2006
Thanks to all for making Groper69 welcome although as you all know these meeting will be few and far between as he lives in Fremantle WA but will try to talk his boss into letting him come over more often. The V8 Supercar Challenge was going so well until we lost a few players to fatigue, but this hiccup has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction i hope. The "Assault on TD" planned for 3rd Sept will depend on interested parties confirming their intentions to attend. Once the minimum number has been reached then we'll rev up TD. Now is the time to encourage those members of the now defunked BBP that have started playing with us to come with us for the "Assualt of TD". See you all on the "Battlefield Bargo"
You'll fall at the home of Omega. I'm also looking for volunteers willing to do a write up of each LAN which will be placed on this website.



22nd July 2006
Results of the FEAR Team Deathmatch return match between The Lords of the Punani and The Highland Warlords. Lords of the Punani 1 vs The Highland Warlords 0 so the Lords have pinched back the TDM family jewels and earned bragging rights for the next three weeks.But look out boys when we are back to full strength, i predict that the Lords will be kissing some Warlords butt. Flat Out made a comeback this LAN with some devastating action in the demolition derby event,(Omega only lasted 17.45 seconds before being eliminated).Here is a few comments from Unteroffizier "Well, its great to be back. Cheers to our awesome host Omega for another top lan. My favs were the crazy Flatout smash ups, the FEAR bloodbaths (especially in that factory room were it seemed everyone was doing some 'spraying and praying') and to top it all off we finished with some quality old school Need For Speed. Nice work to the Lords for turning the tables in FEAR too. So yeah, great lan. I only hope I can get to some future ones once uni goes back. Unter out" See you all at the "Battlefield Bargo"



1st July 2006
The attendance was light but the action intense. V8 Supercars held the interest of all for most of the day with some fantastic action in the midfield, sorry about pushing you into the wall Uncle Bob but i took the corner a little wider than i should have which knocked us both out, lucky Ark didn't show up or we all would have been in trouble. FEAR raised its head for a hour or so, but it was soon back to V8's. The proposed Pilgrammage to the Mountain will be postponed until the 14th of October when our LAN scheduled for the same day will be cancelled to allow us to attend CWM LAN in Bathurst. I'm stiil looking for volunteers for LAN write ups. So who's going to step up??



10th & 11th June 2006
And for this LANs write up i'll pass the torch to Mohawk for his thoughts on what was a top weekend. "For those of you who didn't come along you missed a great weekend. A good time was had by all. Lots of mucking around and farting (Luke), world cup soccer watching, V8's was played a lot and I mean a lot. After Les installed a mod we even had the chance to race monster trucks around Bathurst and lawnmowers around Laguna Seca, what a hoot." "I personally think it was a success and can only hope that we may have another one in the future that is even better. So if another one is announced, I urge all of you who could not make it this time to try their utmost to make the next one." Thanks for those words of encouragement to those members that could not make it, but true dedication came for Morpheaus who had just flown back in from Fiji on Saturday then showed up to play for over twelve hours on Sunday. On a personal note the likelyhood of another double header this year is slim, but i'm considering turning it into a full blown annual event, so what do you think? Leave your comments on the forums.



20th May 2006
A hearty well done to all the members that attended the 20th May's LAN, with this one being the best attended one in a while. Good to see Baz making the effort(as if it was an effort). The FEAR challenge went well for The Highland Warriors thoroughly crushing The Lords of the Punani. To quote Morpheaus Leader of The Lords of the Punani "TEAM PUNANI - ( ie couldnt shoot a beach ball ) got ARSED RAPED. Scores were as follows - 2 Maps CTF - 2 - 0 - we didnt even see the flag 5 Maps DTM - 4 - 0 My arse is sore ASSS. we got them back in v83 ( excuses ), even that was close. Moweee and Chad fighting for positions. OMEGA - 3rd. But Great Night BOYS, mean time i ll get my arse checked." Although I didn't do much in the challenges, things changed when the kids went to bed, and i got to play V8's, so Morpheaus and Rice Bubble keep an eye on rearview mirrors cause all you'll be seeing is the grill of my CAT car, along with the other MOMO boys, Mohawk, Cleaner and our newest member Coke Addict. Will The Lords of the Punani get revenge at the next LAN?, (NOT) or will the domination by The Highland Warriors continue?. I hope everyone is practicing for the V8 Super Challenge (in Pro Sim mode with all penalties activated). A full game list will be posted in the forums soon, so keep watching. DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR THE 36 HR LAN ON THE LONG WEEKEND, SO FAR THERE ARE ONLY FOUR PLAYERS GOING TO SLEEP OVER. We still have the number restriction of 26. The missus will be posting a Breakfast and Dinner Menu in the forums for those players staying overnight. In closing this Double Header LAN is optional, if you only want to play for the usual hours thats fine with us. Costings will be posted on the forums and mass emailed soon.



8th April 2006
The attendance for last Saturdays LAN could be called quiet, since there weren't many players in attendance. I do appologise to the devoted players that show up, large numbers or not, as i was unwell and do not consider that my job as host was sufficient on the night. Hopefully this LAN, more players will come to show the faithful that all is not lost. Uncle Bob took out the V8 3 Championship Challenge of the night with Mohawk and Omega a close second and third respectively. Alien vs Predator 2 made a comeback which made for some good team fun ( depending on what side you were on). I have struck a deal with Teamdamage in Wollongong for a copy of their rego page to be used on our site, which has been agreed to, so as soon as i get the code we'll upload and get it working. The 20th May LAN may be cancelled to allow a team from BFB to attend the challenge match down in the 'gong on the 28th May. P.S. Don't forget about the 36hr LAN on the June long weekend. Omega.



14 Janurary 2006
The first LAN of a big new year and it started off strong. Mohawk made sure that everyone knew about his new steering wheel and then managed to come last (or at least near enough). F.E.A.R. was going brillant until my computer decided to overheat and shut down.... Les and Lei of course nice enough to allow us to use their place again so that we can suck all the power out of their house, then bugger off leaving them with the bill. Also thanks to the guys that came down from the Brotherhood of the Blue Pill and they were worth a few laughs. Also good to see that Jay can manage to make it down to join in the fun on a regular occassion.